Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome, curious minds! If you’re here to unravel the mysteries of Alyke, you’re in the right spot. Consider this your express guide to all things Alyke.

What if my chat disappears suddenly?

If your chat vanishes, it means the connection might have ended. Don't worry; there are more friends to discover on Alyke!

What if I've seen all the profiles nearby?

If you've seen everyone around, widen your search in settings to find more potential friends. Keep the friendship journey going!

How can I get new avatars on Alyke?

Unlock new avatars by inviting friends to Alyke. Once your invited friend completes sign-up, the new avatar is yours!

What's the process for earning and using power-ups in Alyke?

Gain power-ups by liking 30 profiles. Redeem them on the Gift page to access 'Interest Filter' or 'Instant Friend' features, allowing you to customize your friend search or instantly connect with new friends.

How do I attract more friends on Alyke?

Spice up your profile! Add more interests, descriptions, and appealing photos to find like-minded friends.

Not getting friend requests—what can I do?

Use a real photo and add more interests and descriptions to attract friends who match your vibe.

Is Alyke a dating app?

No, Alyke is for making platonic friendships based on shared interests. It's not for dating.

How do I identify a fake profile?

Look for empty profiles, big claims, or lightning-fast love declarations. Report anything suspicious to keep Alyke safe!

Why no Female-Only Mode for men?

It's about creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

What should I do if someone is inappropriate in chat?

Tap the Report button. We're all about positivity, so we'll handle it!

App trouble—what now?

Reach out to our support team at contact@joinalyke.com. They'll fix things pronto!