Tribe Adventure: Bring Your Personality to Life!

Your tribe should mirror your personality. Take time to read through the descriptions and select the one that screams, “That’s so me!” From Jesters to Wizards, let your tribe show your true colors!

Picture Perfect: Click Your Way into Hearts!

Your profile photo is your first impression. So, upload a bright, clear, full-face picture. No sunglasses, no cap, no masks (keep Spiderman for the Comic-Con). Just the charming, unfiltered you!

Personality Sliders: The Fun See-Saw!

Personality Sliders aren’t a test, they’re a fun ride! Slide based on your moods and modes. If optimism is your superpower, slide that way. If you’re a realistic Rahul, slide it the other way! Check out the Personality Match-o-Meter on profiles! The bigger the score, the more your vibes align!

Interests: Show Off Your Spice of Life!

Pick at least four interests and add a quirky description for each. Example, “I watch cricket even during exams!” or “Biryani is my first love, everything else is just pulao!” The funnier, the better!

Media Mania: Meme Magic and Memory Lane!

Your media is your meme playground! Share memes that tickle your funny bone, or post pictures of fun moments related to your interests.

Remember, your profile is your digital persona, as unique, real, and fun as you are!