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Best Site for Making Friends

Best Site for Making Friends

We all need friends in our life to grow, learn, and socialize. Generally, we start making friends from our childhood only. We make friends from our neighbourhood, kinder garden, and the process of making friends goes on till our last breath. Making friends in school is quite easy because there are a lot of people our age there and we spend around one-third of our day there.

We eat with them, share laugh with them, fight with them sometimes, and do a lot of things. We make memories with them without realising that one day we all have to leave this place and move in different directions. When school ends or our friends from our neighbourhood gets busy in their life, we realise how much it hurt getting separated from our friends. Then we come to college and that also ends after three or four years and the separation hurts us again.

All these incidents tell us that to live a joyful life, we need friends at every point of life. If you will look closely at the process of making friends and enjoying with them, you will realise that friendship requires time to develop and after school & college we do not get enough time with our friends. We spend our lives with family, neighbours, and colleagues only.

Family stays with you forever, Neighbours also live around you for a period of time but you don’t get enough time in this busy life to talk to them daily and colleagues can’t be friends because everyone wants to compete with you, make money and go home.

We all realise these things sooner or later in our adulthood and make another strategy to make friends. Now when I say strategy, we don’t take a pen and paper and write down about how to make friends but our mind makes a strategy by its own without actually telling us.

In this modern age, we look for people over social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc, but sooner or later realise that these sites are not really helping us because one person have so many friends and contacts that the person ends up liking posts, watching videos and ads, and getting controlled by these sites eventually. Most of the people we meet on Facebook are scammers or want something from us like helping them gaining their social media profile engagements.

Everyone want people to like their photos, videos, comment so that other people will think that this person is very famous and likeable. Similar process follows on Instagram also, everyone wants to look best, want millions of followers and want social acceptance. But we the mango people, just want friends to talk, laugh, go out and do things.

Here We Discussed Best Site for Making Friends

Where should we go?

One thing is sure by now that people do not have time in this busy era to go out and look for friends.

We now have to go to that one place where we find all our answers. I am not talking about the temple; I am talking about the Internet.

Internet is one thing if we use it in an efficient manner, it can make our life easy and fun. What you have to do now is, go on to the internet and search for Alyke or you can log on to www.joinalyke.com. Now you must be thinking what the heck this Alyke is and how it will help us in making new friends?

Alyke is the India’s first friendship app which helps you to find friends online and not just friends who will leave you in a day or two but helps you find real friends. Alyke understands the concept of friendship by heart and know that people make friends with only those people with whom they share some interests. Remember, there was a friend of you in childhood with whom you used to play cricket? Well, you guys had a common interest of cricket. If cricket wasn’t played in India, you might not be friends with that person.

How does it work?

How does it work?

You log on to www.joinalyke.com with your mobile number or email id, fill in some basic details about yourself, fill in your interests and that’s it you are half-way through making a new friend. After that Alyke’s Algorithm do the magic and search for the people near you who have similar interests as of yours.

You will see a number of people near you, who have similar interests. You can choose to whom you want to talk because there are chances that not all of your interests are matching. So, if you are that person who likes to go out on weekends, play FIFA or just watch a movie and have no issues if your friend doesn’t like playing FIFA, then you can match with them and talk. Otherwise keep looking for a friend who matches all your interests.

Is this app really for me?

This app is made keeping all kinds of people in mind. There can be people who are new in the city and know no one in the city, but want to explore it. This app can be a good option for them to find a friend in the city who can show them around.

It is for people who are quite shy or introvert and don’t like to meet new people until they feel comfortable with them. They can talk and test whether they like the person or not. Whether they can really call the person as their friend or not.

It is for people who are planning to go out for a food festival but have no one friend to accompany them because all existing friends are either busy, don’t like crowd or following a strict diet.

It is for people who are lonely and want someone to just hear them out, listen to their poetry or just go out for a walk.

What made us think about this app?

We saw an up-trend in loneliness and anxiety during the pandemic and realised that people are short of friends even after surrounded by 100 people, they are lonely and have no one to talk to.

There are people whose friend like to go clubbing, have drinks but they don’t want to and still they have to accompany their friends in peer pressure. With this app they can make a new friend and meet people with whom they can go out for things they like.

For example: There is a person who have just arrived in Delhi and finding friends in Delhi because hey no one wants to live alone in this big city. So, they can sign up on this app, look for people with similar interests and have fun!

Is Alyke a dating app?

No, it is not a dating app, we are not promoting any kind of dating. Its not like we don’t want people to date but we don’t want people to give wrong message. Our app is to make friends only, if people like each other they can do whatever they want to, it’s their choice but certainly we did not made this app for people to look for a date.


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