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How to make friends


Do you feel nervous when it comes to meeting or talking to new people? Do you feel insecure that people might use you and leave you in the middle of the river? Or are

Do you feel nervous when it comes to meeting or talking to new people? Do you feel insecure that people might use you and leave you in the middle of the river? Or are you someone who wants to make friends but doesn’t know exactly where to go and what to do to make new friends?

If you can relate to any of the points above, then this article is for you. Read the article till the end.

Why do we need friends?

This is a very logical question one should ask before making any new friends.

Why exactly do we need friends in our life?

Why exactly do we need friends in our life?

Let us understand this in a broad manner. Humans have evolved and made great things with the help of socialising and exchanging thoughts. If the first person on earth had spent his life in a cave without talking to anyone, we wouldn’t be here reading this article. Socialising helps humans understand others’ points of view on life and the world. When people socialise, they share ideas, thoughts, and debate about various issues.

Sales people socialise with their clients in order to sell them something; magicians socialise with their audience to attract their attention; politicians and leaders socialise with people to gain their trust; but friendship is a different form of socialising and it is different from all of the above.

Friendship is an extended form of social interaction where two or more people interact to talk about things and share their feelings.

Good friends talk about everything, and they don’t judge each other. We may feel hesitation about sharing things with our parents and partner, but when it comes to our friends, we can share everything with them because they know the real us and will never judge us for anything we do.

People may think the process of making friends changes over time, but I believe it never changes. It is always the vibe and interests of friends that attract us towards them.

When we were kids, we used to make friends only with those kids who were either naughty like us or serious like us. We never make friends with people we don’t like. Friends are always made on the basis of our interests. Some preferred friends who were serious about their studies and their goals, so they made a group in class and started hanging out together.

Some preferred friends who like to participate in co-circular activities, so they formed a group, and we have seen that these two groups barely talk to each other because they have made some things clear in their mind that these are the things which they want to do and these are the things in which they aren’t interested. We kept changing groups over time according to our comfort and maturity over time.

Like, there was a time when we used to go to school for fun only, but after completing high school, we started focusing on studies, so we made friends with people who are good at studies because company matters a lot. We used to talk to the old group members also, but we didn’t spend as much time as we used to. If we are in the company of friends who are doing nothing in life, have no motivation or resist growth in life, then that friendship will surely hurt us sooner or later.

It brings us to our next question.

What kind of friends do we need?

What kind of friends do we need?

We are clear about the need for friendship in life, but as we know, not everyone can be our friend. Like Messi and Ronaldo, they can never be friends because they both want to stay in the position of the best football player. There is nothing bad about Messi or about Ronaldo, but they are in a competitive space and it can never happen that when Fifa is presenting the Ballon d’Or to Ronaldo, he will say “no I don’t want it, please give it to my friend Messi.

These two people can come together on different occasions and do collaboration for things like charity, but they can never call each other friends because friends don’t compete with each other, they support.

When Aamir Khan stood first in college and his friends just passed the exams, they felt bad. They were a little jealous, but later they realised that our friend stood first because engineering is his passion. He loves engineering and we are doing it for the sake of money, family, and reputation.

Everyone should practise this kind of healthy friendship with their friends. We need friends who support us in our hard times and tell us to not worry too much about it. I am right here with you and this will be over very soon, or the friend can simply say “All is well bol, all is well”.

Arjun won the battle of Mahabharat because he had a friend like Krishna. Bill gates is a genius man but he say that he is glad to have a friend like Warren Buffett in his life. Your friend should add value to your life and share what they have learned with you.

A very classic example of this thing is whenever we plan to go somewhere for a vacation. We ask those friends who have been there about the place, hotels, restaurants, and things to remember while visiting that place because we believe in their wisdom and know that they won’t lie to us like on other review websites. The root of this belief is the trust we have in our friends.

There are some people in our lives who call us their friends, but we know that they only call us when they are in need of some help. In India, this help is monetary most of the time. We can sense it with their calls alone that they have called us for some money and they do not care about us at all. These people are called “toxic friends. They are with you till their purpose isn’t completed or they see some potential in you. Beware of these friends, and keep yourself away from them all the time.

How to maintain friendship?

How to make friends 3

Like all other relations, friendship also requires maintenance. If you are not maintaining your relationship with friends, you will be tagged as a toxic friend who calls only when in trouble. Maintaining a friendship isn’t very hard and requires only a little effort.

You should be ready to help with what you have.

Suppose one of your good friends calls you to tell you that his or her car broke down near your home and wants you to come with a mechanic. In that case, if you are home and not doing any important work, you can go and help him or her. If the person is your real friend and you don’t know any mechanics, You will find one because your friend is in trouble. If you do this, that person will always remember your help and be able to proudly say that he or she is your friend.

You should take a stand, especially when everyone is against them.

Suppose people are saying something bad about your friends and cursing them. He or she might be feeling low and want someone on their side, and if you just call them and say, “Let people say things about you, I don’t care. I am with you”. It will make them understand your value and your respect in their lives will be uplifted.


Meetings do matter a lot. In this age of the internet, you can’t just rely on messages and video calls because there might be some things your friends want to tell you but they are not comfortable on a call or text. Upon meeting them, you can see their body language and ask them “what’s wrong?” Meeting and going for some fun activities strengthens your bond with your friend, and no metaverse can compete with that.

Ways to make friends

Now we have come to an end and also to the important part.

What are the ways available to make friends?

There are a lot of ways to make friends, like going out and meeting new people at public places like bars and clubs. You can also join some social service groups to make new friends, but all these methods have a problem, which is that you don’t know what kind of friend the person you are talking to is looking for. People also search for ways to make friends online, and fortunately, we have a solution to this problem now, and it is Alyke.

Alyke is India’s first friendship app which helps you make friends online at your ease. We at Alyke have made the process of online friend making so easy that anyone can find friends of their choice. You just need to sign up and choose your interests, and boom, you will find thousands of people near you who share the same interests as you. So, if you are a football fan but have no friends who play football, all you need to do is set football as one of your interests and you will see people on your feed who love football just like you. This app was made with all kinds of people in mind. There can be people who are new to the city and know no one in it but want to explore it. This app can be a good option for them to find a friend in the city who can show them around.

Thousands of people are waiting for a friend with whom they can go out, have some fun, and can really rely on. Sign up today on www.joinalyke.com and meet a friend who shares your vibe.